“Anyone can plot a course with a map or compass; but without a sense of who you are, you will never know if you’re already home.”

― Shannon L. Alder

When we don’t consciously decide what we want from life we can sometimes end up on the wrong path. However, you can get back on the right track. There are seven signs that can help guide you back in the right direction.

1. You feel tired or sick

It’s normal to feel tired or sick from time to time. However, if you are constantly unwell this may be a sign that you are on the wrong path. The first step to getting back on track is to take better care of yourself. Take the time to stop and eat properly, get a good night’s sleep and relax and recharge. Turn your phone off and close your laptop for a while so you can  relax without the distractions of work or social media.

2. You feel anxious and stressed

If you find yourself constantly anxious this suggests you are on the wrong path for you. Life is an extraordinary experience and should not cause us constant stress. Think about what is causing you anxiety and stress. You can then begin to see how you could change your circumstances to achieve more joy. Perhaps you need to introduce more fun activities, better self-care, or seek some counseling. At the very least, find half an hour a day when you can do something relaxing and fulfilling.

3. You are not sleeping well, plus, you can’t get up in the morning

If you find your sleep disturbed this is another sign that something is not right. Alternatively, you may find yourself unrefreshed no matter how much sleep you get. Improving your sleep routines is a start. Go to bed at a regular hour and make your environment as calm and quiet as possible. You may find that sleep problems will resolve themselves when your figure out a way to live your life more in line with your inner self.

4. Every day feels like a struggle you must get through

If you wake up with a sense of foreboding , and life seems like a series of  obstacles to overcome, you are definitely not on the right path. Life should be exciting.  After all, it is a wonderful experience to be alive on this planet in human form. If you are not feeling this, then it is time to question what you are doing with your precious life. The suggestions at the end of the article might help.

5. You feel disorganised

If you constantly forget things, miss appointments or turn up late, this is a sign that you are not thinking clearly about what you want from life. When your actions are disorganised you are living in ‘crisis management’. In this state you lurch from one problem to the next and don’t move towards your dreams and goals.  If your house is messy, your desk cluttered and you can never find your keys, it’s hard to focus on your dreams. You might want to clear out the clutter in order to focus on what you truly desire. When you are on the right path, you will find it easy to let go of clutter and mess and your life will be aligned with your goals and priorities rather than being a case of constant firefighting.

6. You rarely feel joyful and excited

If you feel gloomy all the time and life has no joy in it, you are definitely on the wrong path and need to make a change as soon as possible. It is not easy to make these changes, but you only have one shot at life so you owe it to yourself to make it the best you can. I know this is easier said than done. You may have financial worries, health, work, or relationship problems. But there should still be an underlying sense of peace, excitement and wonder in your world.  If you feel very low, have a look at the suggestions at the end of the article.  Also, consider asking for help from a medical professional if these feelings are too much for you to cope with alone.

7. You find it difficult to finish things

Starting many new projects is a good thing in many ways. It means you have lots of ideas and are full of creative potential. However, if you rarely finish things, your creative energy may be too scattered. You need to take the time to discover your true path so that you can focus on the goals that really matter to you. This will help you to get things finished and feel the energy that floods in when you complete a project. Start with something small, perhaps a photo you have been meaning to frame or a box of junk you have been waiting to get rid or. Then with the energy boost you get from this small act of completion, move on to something bigger.

What you can do to get back on your true path

Here are a few other ways you can try to determine your true path in life

Try to quiet your busy, monkey mind so that you can listen to the guidance of a different part of your mind, one that is not so caught up in the world. In order to access this deeper part of the mind, you might choose to meditate, go for long walks in nature or listen to instrumental music. There are also many meditation and visualization resources available for free online.

Another way to change direction is to simply write down all the things you would like to do in life. List all the forgotten dreams and unfulfilled goals. Think about what you used to love to do as a child. Write down the activities, hobbies and passions that have ever inspired you. Leave the list for a few days and when you go back to it, see what really jumps out as something you long to do.

Look at your life for clues as to your true path. Your busy monkey mind may have been in crisis management mode, but that other part of your mind may have influenced you more than you think. If you have a stash of art supplies that you couldn’t resist buying, this is a clue that you should be an artist. Look at the books and magazines you choose. Do you have a shelf full of baking books, photography books or computer programming books? Search out the clues in your life that will lead you back to your true destiny.